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While we all enjoy our abundance of beautiful sunshine in south central Colorado, having a choice for shade is also a very nice thing. When you want a structure that lets you enjoy the nature outside, but also blocks some rays or even wind, a pergola is a good option. Pergolas are usually square or rectangular, and may be just uprights with a roof structure, or have semi-shaded or louvered sides and roof that can be adjusted in weather and sunshine for the amount you want to enjoy. They often are made of cedar in this area, but can also be made of other woods including teak, or aluminum, both of which stand up to the elements longer. Pergolas can also be built to act as an arbor for vining plants, providing increased shade and a bit of nature right at your back door.

One attractive feature of a pergola is the ability to match or mimic trim and details in the architecture of your home, allowing it to blend beautifully with your structure and lines. They are a reasonably priced investment in a home, add value and are attractive as a slightly more private option than most decks.  Pergola construction methods have come a long way from the old 4 x 4 structures with lattice of old, and now can be designed with louvers that close off in wind and rain, as well as guttering to divert moisture. If designed well and made of materials that are safe, pergolas can be heated with indirect or infrared heating systems to extend their use in shoulder seasons.  This extends your outdoor living space for earlier in the year enjoyment and later hot chocolate and meteor showers in the fall.

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Well Built and Reasonable Prices on a Colorado Springs Pergola

SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs can construct a pergola that fits your budget and space out of wood or other materials, including composite and PVC posts, that is durable, low maintenance, and provides many years of pleasure. Where your pergola is located, if it is over a foundation, decking, or patio, and where is it placed in relation to your home make a difference in the materials we will suggest and local permits that may be required. We can share all that information with you when we come out to talk about your project and inspect the space you wish to utilize. We also build covers for porches, as well as gazebos. 

A gazebo is generally round, hexagonal or octagonal, and most often freestanding. A pergola can also be installed freestanding with bench seating or even set up to accommodate an “outside in nature” dining area. Call us, or send in our contact form, and we will set up a convenient time to discuss your options and our suggestion for materials. SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs is locally owned, insured and licensed, and we are long time Colorado Springs residents. We have many years in deck and yard feature construction, ranging from decks and fire pits to pergolas and outdoor kitchens. Let’s get started on a beautiful, stylish addition that you can enjoy for family time, reading, or even a great nap in the mottled sunlight that a pergola creates for your enjoyment, while also enhancing the look and value of your home. 

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