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Patio covers offer a wide range of options for materials and construction, but their purpose is fairly consistent – providing protection from the elements. Colorado sun can be unrelenting, and our summer thunderstorms intense. Having some shade or protection from storms and too much UV can increase the creature comfort of your patio or deck, adding valuable outdoor space that gets more use than an open deck, porch, or patio. 

For many years, cedar and redwood were woods of choice for decks in the Colorado Springs region. The advent of pressure treated wood expanded the options, with some homeowners opting for durable exotics like teak or jojoba. In the past few decades composites have become the leader in deck construction due to overall lower maintenance requirements and long term lower costs. Composites also keep their attractive looks longer, and the lifespan in about twice that of a wooden deck. Patio covers that utilize materials that work well with your deck materials are important, not only for looks but durability, overall condition that is consistent between products, and tensile strength and response to the inevitable shrinking and swelling of any outdoor situated material subjected to the Colorado Springs climate. 

When SoCo Deck Builders works with a client to design a patio cover, we want to know what you do on your porch. If you have an outside kitchen, exterior living room with a fireplace, a deck with a hot tub, or just want a sunroom, each has its own needs for ventilation, lighting, and coverage. We will work with you to determine your desires and goals, and design a patio cover within your budget that will be attractive and flow with the design of your home. It is worth noting that a well designed and constructed patio cover adds value to your home, in addition to much appreciated additional living space while getting to the best of our beautiful Colorado Springs views, weather, and outdoors. 

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An Insulated Patio Cover Colorado Springs Knows Add Days to the Seasons

Most patio covers run concurrent with the front or back of a home, but might be off to the side, between the house and garage, or even somewhat freestanding depending on your property. In most all cases their design needs to take into account wind shear and winter weight load, and have to be engineered to be durable and tough to pass codes and inspections. Nearly all patio covers require permitting, and when we do your cover construction our experienced project team handles all those issues.  It is important during the planning stage to find out if there are any deed restrictions, HOA regulations, or municipal considerations for style, color, size, and other factors in designing your patio cover. 

A patio cover can also be used to extend, or change, the look of your home.  Many covers work into the roofline or become an extension off a roof facing. This type of patio cover is usually called a hard roof patio, with a roof similar to your home’s roof structure.  This can take a home from boxy and plain to craftsman quality, just by visually altering the rooflines. Careful design and quality accent features that augment your home not only increase its value, but improve the drive by appreciation of your property. Patio covers have also been used successfully to cover a pull-up driveway area in front of a home, extend a porch or viewing deck, and other creative ways to cover an area to make it more user friendly and protected from the elements. Many hard roof patio covers can be insulated, creating both a heat barrier and cold protection to allow more use of the space in extended seasons. Misting systems and space heaters can provide improved comfort during summer heat or fall cold snaps, giving you increased use of your outdoor living area, especially if the cover and/or wall coverings are built with insulation included. 

Budget Friendly Patio Covers Colorado Springs Knows Are Well Built

Popular design features for patio covers in our region are cross-beamed roofs that here are referred to as pergola covers. This crosshatched craftsman style design creates a raised roof with ventilation airspace. Besides being highly attractive, there is a practical side to the design as it traps heat and allows breezes to pass below it in the summer, and reduces fall and winter wind. This improvement in ambient air flow provides more comfort and often helps with heating and cooling at your entry doors due to controlling air exchange more effectively. 

A patio cover has some flexibility in design and materials, as well as how much light and rain, if any, it will let pass. Depending on the look you are after and what your patio is used for will determine some of the patio cover choices. SoCo Deck Builders can create a simple soft roof, a cover providing shade made from sailcloth or a highly durable outside UV resistant fabric, at a very economical price that provides mottled shade and even louvered cover control for rain and sunlight entry, or a solid cover similar to an open roofed garage or portico. Your budget, home style, architectural tastes, and the purposes of your patio all make a difference in the design.

Thanks to our locally fine climate, Colorado Springs homes often take advantage of what is called a season room on their deck or porch. An area with a cover that sometimes has screen walls, a season room has no heating or cooling, but does provide a bit of privacy and protection from the elements. This space is often positioned to take advantage of morning sun or afternoon breezes to increase comfort, and therefore, use. When you call SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs, we can take a walk on your property and advise you the best position to add a season room on an existing deck or patio, or where we could install one for you. Season rooms are a cost effective way to get double use of your deck both for an open sunning space as well as a semi-enclosed outdoor living area. Season rooms can also be built to accommodate grilling and barbecue facilities, picnic tables, and other gathering place features, allowing maximum entertainment and enjoyment value of the addition.

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