Memories are Created Around Fire Pits, Colorado Springs

Hot chocolate, marshmallows, ghost stories, or fire iron pies, everything’s better with a crackling fire. Many family memories and those moments that stay with you forever from years past among friends often involve a fire burning, and every time you enjoy one later, those memories flood back to fill you once more. Fires are as much a part of Colorado as Pikes Peak, the Broncos, and ski season. They just are.  

Fires are also a force to be reckoned with, and an open fire is not something able to be enjoyed with a high degree of safety in many settings in our dry state. It is almost completely out of the question within city limits, for obvious reasons – unless you have a fire pit. Fire pits are a wonderful alternative to an open fire, use less fuel, are far safer, and can be enjoyed on short notice without all the work of raking, clearing, cutting wood, and hauling that a bonfire requires.    

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SoCo Deck Builders Creates Beautiful Outdoor Fire Pits Colorado Springs

Fire pits can take many forms and use different varieties of fuel, and range from ultra chic to downright rustic in design. SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs are experts at creating a place for your friends and family to enjoy a fire pit on your property that is safe, takes a lot less work, and can be enjoyed nearly year around. We can install the fire pit and depending on your local ordinances, it can burn wood or support a gas flame (natural or propane depending). Constructed with a safety barrier exterior and grated or mesh covering, some fire pits can even be built with safety glass and utilizing low temperature flame point gel as a decorative accessory to an outside kitchen or outdoors living space. We can also build seating, a lounge, benches, steps down to the fire pit area, or just about any configuration you want so you can enjoy your fire pit to its best advantage. Many people choose to face their pit with local or purchased stone for a rugged Colorado outdoors look, or may want something more contemporary such as patina enhanced metal exteriors. Whatever your desired ambiance, SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs can create a fire pit you can enjoy that is low maintenance, set up to shed moisture, is easy to clean or fill, and most of all, attracts loungers. After all, that is what a fire pit is for, dreamy lounging staring into the mesmerizing flames while warming up on a cool Colorado night with your favorite beverage at hand. 

When you want to inquire about adding a fire pit to your property, call us or send in our online form, and we will set up a time to take a look at the area you would like it installed. We can make suggestions for the safest materials for your site, fuel sources, and how to make it blend into your property. Adding a fire pit can be a selling point for your property, and lets people know you enjoy living in this beautiful place we are blessed to call home. We are licensed, insured, and local, and would love to build your new fire pit. Call us for a free quote, and we will bring the marshmallows by after it is complete.

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