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It is interesting how many times we hear customers start a sentence with “I sure wish I had thought about…” when it comes to something they wish they had realized they wanted or needed before their deck was constructed. Often it is spacing of the deck boards, or having the entire deck made out of a composite material instead of wood so it was not so much annual maintenance. One of the things we often hear is they wish they had given more thought to the deck railing, and being able to put in a gate, extra stairs, or a wider railing top to accommodate their bird feeders, a viewing platform for their telescope, viewing scope, or camera tripod, or even a place wide enough to safely set a tray of food when going back and forth to the barbeque. When we build a deck for you, we ask questions about what you do on your deck, and make accommodations for your lifestyle and hobbies so you can truly use and enjoy your deck to its fullest. 

Deck railings are one of the more subject to damage and wear parts of your deck, both the top rail and the balustrades. Many deck builders will tell you that the railing, if it has parts that get broken or fail, can potentially affect the structural integrity of the deck. While this is true in a limited number of cases, your railing usually is not integral to the structural build of your deck, and is most often applied after the platform is constructed. This means that your railing can be replaced without replacing the entire deck. It often can be done in materials that will either match, or age to match the rest of your deck after installation. 

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Functional, Custom Colorado Springs Deck Railings

At SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs, we think you need to have a deck that works for you. Need a header wide enough for the local bobcat to visit during snowstorms? We can do that, and yes, it can happen here in Colorado. Want a place for the birds to be able to entertain you and make their mess over the side of the hill and down, and not on your porch deck? We can make a railing with an out-jutting platform just for your feathered friends. Would gates that can be fastened out of the way, or used to corral the kids or keep an elder safe be helpful? We can design your railing to be strong enough to accommodate that gate, as well as build it so it is attractive and practical to employ. Do you want your balustrades to be made to match a feature of the architecture of your home, such as trim work? We can get creative and make a railing that works with your home style, blending in and adding beauty at the same time. 

At SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs, we think a deck needs to be more than “just a deck”.  It needs to be a beautiful extension of your home that complements the style and design of your structure, but is also practical, durable, weather resistant, and makes great use of the space for all your purposes, not just some things. We have even created a “rocket launcher” like you see on boat rails to hold drinks safely nested, as well as a handy place to tuck your collapsible hiking poles, nets, and other outdoor devices so you know where you set them down. Call us or send in our free online form, and let us solve your deck rail woes. Our quotes are free, we stand behind our work, and we have years of experience both fixing and creating deck railings in the Colorado Springs region.

Some lines of Trex even have complementary sealant paint available to use on a pergola or other vertical structure to match the decking and provide additional protection to that part of your outside structure. With high durability, Trex holds up extremely well to wear and tear, foot traffic, kids, pets, and climate. It will not rot, splinter, or crack in the Colorado dryness. Trex is made to tolerate calcium chloride based ice melt products without harm. Very low maintenance, Trex cleans with soap and water and rarely needs a light, low intensity pressure wash to keep it looking fantastic over many years. 

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