Want to Step Up to a Low Maintenance Composite Deck, Colorado Springs?

Of the many uses that composite construction products lend themselves well to, decking certainly is one. Decking is exposed to the elements more than many parts of your home due to position, since your decking gets the full brunt of the brilliant Colorado sun and UV. It has more opportunity for ice and water sitting on it, leaves and pollen sticking to it and discoloring it, and other challenges than most things around your house.  Having a railing that provides somewhat of a windbreak also means things don’t blow off easily. If you have had experience around a wooden deck, you know they tend to catch things, and need maintenance. If you would like to avoid some of those headaches with a product that is durable, does not change considerably in dry conditions or winter weather, and keeps looking good without a lot of maintenance, then a composite deck should be in your future.

Composite materials are made up of many different things, depending on the manufacturer and type of composite. Often they contain plastics, resins, polymers, sawdust, wood scrap, pulp, and other materials held together with binders. Some have surface colorants (usually older varieties and processes) and some are color through to core. Composite is tough, does not crack or splinter, and is resistant to abrasions and scratching.  The type of composite makes a difference on how mold and mildew resistant it is, but newer varieties are much improved in the last several decades. Insects absolutely hate running into composite decks, as do local woodpeckers, and most squirrels, chipmunks, and other things that chew in the night. 

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A Great Option for Our Climate is Composite Decking Colorado Springs

Composite decking adds value to your home and has a higher rate of return than a standard wooden deck. They are lower maintenance, do not fade or stain readily, and are much easier on little feet and bare toes with no splinters, cracks, or crevices to catch heels. Composites also do not hold moisture and tend to maintain a more comfortable range for surface temperature, especially in summer sun. Composite is tougher to damage for the most part than wood decking, and can easily be repaired should it suffer a gouge or break. 

SoCo Deck Builders Colorado Springs are experts at installing composite decking, including finishing the edges so your deck looks classy and polished when finished. We are locally owned and operated and have been building composite decks in the Colorado Springs – Pikes Peak – Rocky Mountain foothills for many years. Licensed and insured, we can give recommendations among the variety of composite materials that are available, including surfaces and colors. Many composites provide better traction and slide resistance than wood or other surfaces, making them ideal for extended season use. 

Composite decking lends itself to amazing custom designs, including accent color insets, multi-level decks, and decking that needs to work with natural features and odd dimensions and shapes that have to be worked with in a design. Call us or send in our contact form, and let’s set up a time to talk about your new composite deck. Our teams are highly experienced and very creative, and can design what you want fast, economically, and accurate to your needs and ideas. Your deck will increase the value of your property, but most of all, provide a beautiful extension of your living area so you can enjoy the terrific views we have in this part of Colorado. Call and let’s get started. 

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